When you're having sex with your girlfriend, you want to push her to the ultimate peak of pleasure. But thee are a ton of things you can also do-before and after- to ensure the experience is as special as possible. Here, the little extras that make a big difference…

Good Grooming

Going the distance to spruce yourself up is a huge turn-on. "Obviously, women love it when a man is fresh and clean," says Kathleen A. Cervenka, PhD, author of In the Mood, Again, "but a bit of added primping shows that you really care about being attractive to her."

First off, feel your face. If it's rough, give it a quick shave. Although the stubble look may be sexy, it can make her skin feel as if it's been through a cheese grater. For bonus points, consider trimming your down-there hairs too. It will allow easier access to your member and make it look bigger. If you have time, you may also want to squeeze in a second shower before bed so you're extra clean and sexy.

A Little TLC

You don't need to leave bling on the nightstand to make your girl feel like a princess-just help her relax. "Simple sensual gestures like massaging her neck and shoulders or slipping off her clothes will put her at ease, which gets her even more in the mood, says Pam Spurr, PhD, author of Make Love All Night and Talk to Him in the Morning. Trust us, you'll impress the panties off your girl- especially a new squeeze –by being so sensitive to her needs.

A Show of Appreciation

While you're thrusting away, your woman is sometimes left wondering if you even care that she's there. "To let her know that it's about her, not just sex recognize anything from her tongue technique to her beautiful body, "says Cervenka. "It will boost her sexual confidence and, in turn, increase her desire."

How do you stroke her ego without it sounding like BS? Try focusing on just one or two of her best features. "It will come across as more sincere if you're specific, so pick attributes like her breasts or butt and acknowledge those suggests Cervenka. Once you've made her feel sexy, you can tackle her talents, like how well she moves on top of you.

The Postcoital Cuddle

You may think it's a small thing, but to women, that bask-in-the-afterglow snuggle time can mean the difference between so-so sex and kickass experience. "Cuddling rounds out the session for a woman and makes her feel more connected to you,"says Cervenka. So after the action, give your girl a solid five minutes of spooning, Sure, your arm might go numb, but at least she'll fall asleep with a smile on her face.