The nationality known most for their genital greatness belongs to the Arabs, who still to this day practice a form of manual Phallic Cultivation.  From early childhood on into adulthood, Arab men rub the penis to increase its size and strength.

When an Arab boy reaches the age of six, he begins the early stages of Phallic Cultivation.  His father teaches him the techniques passed down over the centuries. He learns to slowly stroke his penis from bottom to top.  This practice progressively lengthens and enlarges the organ.  The ritual is practiced every day for thirty minutes.

If the boy belongs to a wealthy family, they will send him to an establishment called the Mehbil.  This is similar to a health-club or gymnasium.  At the Mehbil the boy is stripped nude by an attendant and has his penis massaged with a special oil preparation.  This relaxes his muscles and brings him to a high degree of sexual stimulation.

During the 19th Century English Explorer Sir Richard Burton made many erotic investigations in the Middle East.  He wrote in his memoirs of the differences between the pure Arab and the African-Arab:

"There is a great distinction between Arabian and African Arabs, as proven by their penis.  The Arabian Arab, being of pure blood, has a very small member.  The African Arab on the other hand is long, thick, and flabby.  According to my measurements, the penis of the Arab has an average length when in erection of seven and one/half inches by one and one/half or two inches in diameter; but I have often found a penis measuring eight to ten inches in length by two or two and one/half inches in diameter.  The organ then becomes a kind of pole... a Hindu female of the class called "Hare Woman" would shriek from it in terror, and it would produce serious mischief in the rectum of any poor wretch who consented to suffer its terrible attacks.  With such a weapon does the Arab seek anal-intercourse... age or sex makes no difference to him". 

In the 1970's, a magazine article was published which told how a well-known and successful American body builder was embarassed by his small penis size when stripping in front of others.  He hired one of those Arabic attendants who worked in the Mehbil to assist him in a Penis Growth workout.  The Arab told the body builder it was quite simple to achieve size increase with Manual Penis Stimulation.  Since the body oil used on young Arab boys was not available in the United States, the Arab concocted a new formula to take its place.  The "recipe" for this special Stimulator formula is taken directly from the article:

"Into a quart-size jar of Mayonnaise (making sure it is pure mayonnaise and not salad dressing) stir a heaping tablespoon of White or Yellow Corn Meal.  Mix it well.  Now protect your hair with a rubber bath cap and apply the mixture liberally, beginning with your face and neck.  Then coat your chest, arms and back.  Work down until even your feet and toes are covered.  Then stand in your tub or shower stall on a corrugated rubber mat so that you do not slide and slip."

"Avoiding the direct spray, turn your shower on 'hot' and rub the mixture well into your skin.  You may use a washcloth to scrub your face and neck.  Then after a few minutes of steam turn the shower to 'warm', step under and rinse yourself well.  Soap?  Forget it!"

"Right away you will experience a tingling glow.  The skin soon acquires a very beautiful, rich, satiny finish from these treatments, and you will feel uplifted as though on a high plateau totally removed from the world around you.  Nervous tension vanishes as your body becomes completely relaxed."

The bodybuilder applied this mixture to his body and 'jelqed' five days a week for several months.  The final result was an erection that was a full eleven inches in length and just under three inches in diameter!

We're not suggesting that you create a batch of this ointment and apply it all over your body. We include it here strictly for informational purposes to our members.